End of term and PMQs: Theresa May's Week


We've made it to the summer recess! Winding up the session- here's a recap of Theresa May's week.

On Monday, Theresa May attended the 1922 Committee summer reception at the House of Commons. Wearing a jersey green dress, navy blazer and vintage Russell & Bromley kitten heels, May addressed her fellow MPs.

On Tuesday, May welcomed the Estonian Prime Minister to Downing Street. Summer whites were back with May wearing her new white blazer, teaming it with a navy shift dress, the Amanda Wakeley oversized chain set and the LK Bennett leopard print kitten heels.

The Cabinet also had their new official photo!

On Wednesday, May took part in the last PMQs of the term. Bright blue was the order of the day, with May wearing her Orchid Daniel Blake jacket and matching skirt. May teamed her outfit with her custom Charlotte Olympia kitten heels and a string of pearls. The PM also took part in an interview on LBC with Iain Dale.

In the evening, the Prime Minister hosted a PRIDE reception in the Downing Street garden.

And if you missed it, here's coverage of our despatch infographic on Mail Online.

Happy summer recess everybody! 

Political Running: How Julie Bishop makes athleisure cool


There's no escape from a politician's busy schedule and in between the endless meetings and travel opportunities, it can be hard to fit in regular exercise.

Julie Bishop is perhaps the most active political exerciser. As Australia's Foreign Minister, Bishop travels the world in the name of diplomacy. But despite her gruelling schedule, Bishop always finds time for a run.

Her commitment to jogging has been widely reported, and whilst travelling the world, Bishop always rises early for an hour's run. From the beaches of Cairns to the sweltering climates of Indonesia, Bishop is dedicated to the cause.

Julie Bishop is well known for her fashionable dress sense and this stylish look also makes itself known in her workout gear. A true champion of athleisure, Bishop sports coordinated items for her jogs. Black running tights with graphic logos, matching quilted vests and neon tops are key to her look, as are trusty pairs of Nike trainers.

Aside from the motivation of doing a run, for most of us (me included,) choosing what to wear for a workout can be as tough as the physical pain itself! Bishop is a great example of how selecting simple, no fuss athleisure pieces is always a good choice. Her look is effortless, and displays her love of fashion that provides a function.

Julie Bishop's running look reminds me in many ways of Claire Underwood's athleisure attire in House of Cards. Classic and no-nonsense, the two also sport eerily similar haircuts.

So if you're a running enthusiast or an eager beginner like me, look to Julie Bishop for how to do athleisure in a chic and effective way.

Australia, Spain and Maidenhead: Theresa May's Week


The Prime Minister of Australia, the Spanish State Visit and visits in her constituency- here's a run down of Theresa May's week.

On Monday, Theresa May welcomed her Australian counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull to Number 10. The pair visited Borough Market as part of their visit, remembering the victims of the terrorist attack and meeting with survivors and traders.

They then held a press conference in Number 10. For this visit, the PM wore an Amanda Wakeley Aztec print dress, black tailored jacket, Amanda Wakeley oversized chain necklace and bracelet and the Divine flats from Russell & Bromley.

On Tuesday, Theresa May spoke at the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices and at the FCO Leaders Conference. For these two events, the PM wore an Amanda Wakeley navy and sky blue coat over navy trousers and a white top. She accessorised with an oversized strand of pearls and the leopard Frame flats from Russell & Bromley.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister was part of the welcoming party for the state visit of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain. Theresa May wore a navy Amanda Wakeley dress, white tailored jacket, nude leather wrist gloves, a selection of Swarovski Crystaldust bracelets and snakeskin kitten heels. Her hat was a custom design from Liz Felix Millinery.

In the evening, the PM attended the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace wearing a red stain gown, black heels and an Anya Hindmarch evening bag.

On Thursday, Theresa May welcomed King Felipe to Downing Street. She wore a red Amanda Wakeley dress in his honour, teaming it with a black tailored jacket, oversized pearls and the LK Bennett x Issa kitten heels.

In the evening, the PM attended the Spectator Summer Party in St James's Park.

On Friday, Theresa May was back in her Maidenhead constituency, attending the opening of the Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial. Here she wore black trousers, a black and white Amanda Wakeley jacket and the Charlize black loafers from Russell & Bromley.

Infographic: Theresa May's Clothes at the Despatch Box


It's been a year since Theresa May became Prime Minister- and what a rollercoaster 12 months it has been!

Despite the ups and downs, one thing remains constant- Theresa May's fabulous sense of style.

The PM's most visible commitment in her diary is her weekly outing to Prime Minister's Questions. Facing MPs and the Leader of the Opposition, May is a strong performer in this bear pit.

I've always been interested to see what May wears at PMQs, and what her sartorial selections for this often brutal event suggest. I decided to take a deeper look at the clothes she has been wearing during her time at the despatch box.

Focusing on PMQ appearances and official statements, I've created this infographic analysing Theresa May's clothes in the Commons chamber. From favourite designers to fancy footwear, I've analysed what Theresa May wears and considered the reasoning behind her choices.

Here's what I found: 

  • Amanda Wakeley and Escada are the two most frequently worn designers by Theresa May at the despatch box. Both combined, May wore items from these two brands for over 60% of her appearances.
  • Theresa May's favourite colour is navy. She chose this true blue hue for almost three quarters of these televised appearances. 
  • Russell & Bromley again topped the poll for the Prime Minister's most loved shoe brand. She wore a shoe from the brand 26 times at the despatch box. 
  • Theresa May wore the gold Twister block heel from Russell & Bromley the most for these televised appearances. This was closely followed by the chic Vivacious heel from the same brand. 
  • And unsurprisingly, British designers continue to be the Prime Minister's preferred outfitters, with a reliance on classic British tailoring and accessories. 

But what was different? 

  • Heels have overtaken flats as the most worn type of shoe. This is most likely because of the added height and confidence they give to the wearer in front of the TV cameras.
  • Bright colours didn't get a look in, with May never wearing red at the despatch box. With blue associated with the Conservative Party and red for Labour, this is a logical and obvious choice. 

What does this suggest about Theresa May's despatch box style?

May understands the power and complexities of a televised forum. She selects tailored, timeless pieces that will look good on camera and present her as a strong and sophisticated leader. She picks items of clothing that give confidence and make her feel good, relying on trusted brands to help her get the job done. 

Theresa May selects suitably serious pieces for big events, choosing classic, no fuss pieces like a white shirt and a sharp navy suit for big announcements like the Budget and Brexit negotiations. And for solemn statements, like responses to the Westminster terror attack, May uses black to convey her sympathy and solidarity. 

But just as May chooses classic pieces, she does like to wear 'wildcard' items. In this very public arena oversized necklaces and statement bangles are two favourites, as is a sophisticated silk scarf. Theresa May memorably used this public event to show her support of young designers, wearing an eye catching silk scarf by the talented Megan Ferris to a PMQ session for all the world to see. Genuine touches like these makes Theresa May a real champion of British fashion and provides us with an insight into just how much she loves to accessorise. 

As her political future remains uncertain, one thing does remain constant- Theresa May truly is the most fashionable MP we'll see at the despatch box! 

I'd love to hear what you think of this infographic- share your thoughts with me in the comments or on Twitter! View the full infographic here.

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PMQs and the G20: Theresa May's week


From Westminster to Hamburg, Theresa May's week has been a busy one! Here's what the Prime Minister has got up to.

On Monday, Theresa May welcomed guests to Downing Street to celebrate Eid. For the event, May wore the Dsill grey dress and matching jacket from Escada.

On Wednesday, we were back in the House of Commons for the weekly Prime Minister's Questions. May was on fine form, wearing our favourite navy blue skirt suit. Accessorising with a string of simple pearls, May wore the LK Bennett leopard kitten heels.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister welcomed the Ukrainian Prime Minister to Downing Street.

On Thursday, Theresa May and her husband Philip headed to Hamburg for the G20 meetings. May wore her familiar two tone blue Amanda Wakeley shift and matching coat, accessorising with the navy Balls necklace from Mirta Bijoux and the Divine black flats from Russell & Bromley.

On Friday, May took part in the G20 meetings, wearing the bright blue Orchid jacket and matching skirt from British designer Daniel Blake. She wore a string of pearls and a custom pair of animal print kitten heels from Charlotte Olympia. Her bag is the Radford design from Amanda Wakeley.

On Saturday, May took part in further meetings, wearing a white and light blue patterned jacket and navy trousers. The Delicious leopard flats from Russell & Bromley made a reappearance, as did the Amanda Wakeley oversized chain necklace and bracelet set.

Swatch Twins: Theresa and Philip May


Two is often better than one, and Theresa May and her husband Philip have put that saying to the test by stepping out in complimentary Swatches!

Earlier this week, the Mail Online asked my thoughts on the two funky watches worn by the Prime Minister and her husband. Wearing them to a Sunday church service in their home village of Sonning, it was a perfect informal choice to keep track of time.

Here's what I said to the Mail Online:

"Swatch is a timeless watch brand that has cross generational appeal. Fun, quirky watches like those worn by Theresa May and her husband Philip are particularly fashionable and shows that both the PM and Mr May aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their style, particularly when they’re relaxing in their home village.

I think their synchronised style shows just how in tune both individuals are with other, and this isn’t the first time that they’ve matched up their clothes. 

For the Prime Minister, wearing a cool Swatch shows that she isn’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to accessories, and indicates just how much she loves to show her appreciation for classic pieces designed with a twist."

And for those of you eager to find out which Swatch models they were wearing then you're in luck!

Theresa May is wearing the aptly named Purple Power Swatch (2014) with a chronograph feature and 3 bar water resistance.

And Philip May is wearing the fun and bright Rio All Around (2016) model, an homage in time to the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio.

Two great timepiece choices from the Mays!

"To make an end is to make a beginning."


We go through many endings in our lives. In fact it is easy to name many of them. The end of being a kid. The end of high school. The end of university. The end of your first job.  The end of your favourite TV show. The end of that amazing pair of shoes. The end of your first relationship. The end of a friendship. The end of a life.

Whilst some are more life altering than others, there's no doubt that the end of something will make a beginning.

I've been thinking about the above T.S. Eliot quote alot lately. Over the past few weeks a few endings have come my way. Some were not unexpected, and some have been approaching for several months. How you deal with the ending is, I suppose, telling of the person. Do you sit and mourn for what has passed, or pick yourself up, and continue for what is about to start? I am the latter.

Throughout life, we hope that in times of great decision we will choose what is right. We believe and often hope that we will make the right decision.With these decisions comes the risk that others won't view your choice as one they agree with or one they think is right.

And so, endings come about. They are messy. They are unpredictable. They can challenge you. But in the end, they bring new opportunities and a chance to begin anew.

These recent new beginnings have brought me new friendships, shared common values and a sense of purpose. These beginnings are helping me to reconnect with what I care about, what I believe in and what is right. These beginnings are leading me to push myself professionally, and work with individuals and groups who understand the challenges that lie ahead. They've brought new opportunities, laughter and a chance to be part of something bigger.

It is what we make of these new beginnings that helps us to start again. It might be scary, it might be challenging and it might test us as a person. But start again we must.

It is how we deal with these endings and beginnings that help us to explore our character and define us as individuals. And as T.S, Eliot himself said, “we shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Berlin, Bristol and Strasbourg: Theresa May's Week


In a week of European travel for the Prime Minister, we were treated to the first PMQs of the new Parliament and the signing of the DUP deal with the government.

On Monday, Theresa May welcomed DUP leaders to Downing Street to sign the agreement for government.

May wore a navy and white patterned jacket, navy skirt and a pair of vintage Russell & Bromley kitten heels. May accessorised with the Amanda Wakeley oversized chain necklace and bracelet.

Later in the day, May addressed the House on the EU Commission meetings.

On Tuesday, Theresa May was in Bristol to visit the Orchard School as part of her new focus on mental health. Meeting students and teachers who have benefitted from mental health training, May wore her new netural Daniel Blake tailored jacket with navy trousers, a navy raincoat and the leopard Frame pumps from Russell & Bromley.

On Wednesday, Theresa May took part in the first Prime Minister's Questions of the new Parliament. May's performance was strong and controlled - back on top! It was back to business with her outfit, with the Prime Minister wearing a navy Escada suit, white cami, an oversized deep red jewelled necklace and the Twister block heels from Russell & Bromley.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister travelled to Berlin to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of G20 meetings. For these meetings, Theresa May wore a familiar outfit of a red Amanda Wakeley jersey dress, ecru cardigan jacket and a pair of vintage Russell & Bromley kitten heels. She accessorised with a simple strand of pearls.

On Friday, May was back in her Maidenhead constituency to open the new Network Rail sidings. May wore a new green shift dress, covering up with a navy blazer. She wore the vintage Russell & Bromley kitten heels that have been a permanent fixture this week, as well as the Amanda Wakeley oversized chain necklace and bracelet.

On Friday night, May attended a private function at the Henley on Thames Royal Regatta. May headed back into the archive, wearing a neutral Amanda Wakeley dress, a blue floral print long jacket and black slingbacks. She accessorised with the Amanda Wakeley oversized chain necklace and bracelet as well as the brand's Radford black handbag.

On Saturday, May was in Strasbourg for the memorial of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. May was accompanied by former Prime Minister John Major. Paying her respects, May wore a black Amanda Wakeley skirt suit, accessorising with a new silk scarf and an oversized strand of pearls. May wore the black suede Twiggy kitten heels from Russell & Bromley. 
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